Starting A Massage Business? Avoid These Most Common Mistakes

So you are starting a massage business (or you need to jump start an existing business with a new direction). Congratulations! You probably recently graduated from school, or you have decided to start working for yourself instead of others.

I want you to be very successful in your new venture. So please read carefully. In this section you will find the most common errors that I see many therapists make when they decide to start a massage business. Becoming aware of these mistakes and putting energy into overcoming or avoiding them will very likely mean the difference between you just scraping by, or having a very successful business.

This website is focused on massage marketing, but several of the topics in this section are not necessarily marketing specific. So why have I included them? Because, if you start a massage business making these mistakes (or are making them in a current business), creating successful massage marketing is much more difficult. So you need to get these right to get your marketing right.

So lets get right on track from the beginning (or a new beginning if you have an existing business and have been making these errors.)

New Massage Business - Mistake #1
Don't make these common mistakes of having no business education, no business capital and no business plan. Learn how to do it right.

New Massage Business Success - Mistake #2
The second biggest mistake, that limits new massage business success, is not being professional in every way possible.

Creating a Massage Business - Mistake #3
The next common mistake is marketing your massage like a gambler instead of an investor. Learn how to stack the odds in your favor.

Massage Business - Mistake #4
This mistake is a hidden new massage business killer. Your own limiting beliefs will prevent you from seeing the opportunties around you.


Not yet a massage thearpist? You should read this book first before going to school. "Massage Therapy Career Guide: The Truth About Becoming a Massage Therapist"


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