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It might surprise you to learn that what you choose for your massage therapy business name can make a big difference in how well your massage business does. Consider your name a marketing tool.

Why? Your name can convey a lot of information, or it can convey no information, or it can convey the wrong information. In all cases, it makes a statement about your business, often the first impression a new client gets about you. A business name is not just a name, it is a description. Your name automatically tells a marketing story.

What kind of information can a potential and existing client get from your massage therapy business name?

  • Business service type – if your name does not indicate that you provide massage services, then a potential client has to find that out elsewhere.

  • Style of work – your name might be able to let them know if you are more focused on medical/treatment work, or more relaxation/spa work, or another style.

  • Wealth factor – if your business caters to the very wealthy, or instead you want to provide massage for people who normally can't afford it, your name could help let people know what they can expect.

  • Location – if your location is very favorable, having the location in the name might be very good. (But to do this you have to be pretty sure you will be in your location for a significant length of time.)

In fact if you have any very unique focuses for your business, that really make you stand out from other business in your area, this might be some information that you could convey in your massage therapy business name. Don't do this lightly though. You have to be very sure about your business direction and U.S.P. to have your name focused on it. But if you are sure, go for it. It could make a big difference.

Try not to choose your massage therapy business name just because you like it (and don't feel bad if you did, I have many times). It is far easier and better for your business if you choose a name that helps solve some problems of your target market. It is even better if you also like it!

Carefully consider each step your potential clients have to go through to find you. As they look in the yellow pages, if your name contained valuable insights that would help them narrow their search down to you, that would really help them. When your current clients describe you and your business name to friends, it might really help if your business name helped make clear what it is about you that is unique.

For some, having a business name that really helps support their U.S.P. may be easy. But for most therapists starting their businesses it will be more of a learning curve. Developing a good U.S.P. is not that easy and generally takes some experience within your business.

And the fact is you it is hard to create a good business name in either case unless you have a pretty clear business plan. You need to be very clear about what your main focus of your business is before you choose your business name.

Most folks start with a massage therapy business name, and then work on what their business is going to be. I really encourage you to develop your business plan as far as you can first, and then choose a business name that supports your unique business direction.

When choosing a name be careful about getting stuck in a too small a box.

Here are a couple of more points to consider before finalizing your massage therapy business name:

  1. Pick a name that allows your business to grow. Don't narrow yourself down too much. Imagine where you want your business to be five years down the road and make sure your name will support these goals.

  2. Consider a name that still has a web domain available, with a .com ending.

  3. Make it easy to hear, say, and spell. If someone told a friend your business name, would they be able to understand it easily and spell it? Would it sound too much like something else and be confusing? Does it need explaining? Does it roll easy off the tongue, and sound good? Does it work well in print?

  4. Maybe make it unique. Why have a name for your business that is only a little different than everyone else?

  5. Think about how your business name positions you in relation to your local competition. When your ads are seen together, what will your target market be thinking?

  6. What story does your massage therapy business name tell? Is it what you want your clients to hear?

Make sure someone does not already have a trademark on your chosen business name.

And before you finalize it, check in with friends, family and business mentors to make sure you have not missed anything. But also keep your focus in mind. Most of your friends and family are not trained in marketing.

The #1 piece of advice though is to have a clear business plan developed before you choose your name. Your name is a marketing tool that you will likely use for the length of your business. So put a lot of effort into planning your business first!

And if you already have a massage therapy business name you are not happy with you can consider changing it. It really depends on how many people already identify with your current name, and how long you have been using it. I would say if you have not been in business for too long, and you think changing your name could make a dramatic improvement in helping grow your business, it might be worth the effort. If you do change it, make sure you don't abandon the old one completely. For at least a year have a statement under your new name that reads: previously – (your old name here).

Finally, when you are brainstorming new massage therapy business name options, write down as many as you can possibly think about. Then carefully evaluate each one, and weed it down to the best three. Then show these to your friends and family.

OK, have fun!

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