Massage Marketing
Without Selling Yourself

Massage Marketing Bones #1

Your first step in successful massage marketing and understanding Client Problem Solving Marketing, is to realize that your primary service is not massage.

I bet you thought it was. It is and it isn't. As a massage therapist your primary service is massage. But as a business owner, it is a little different.

The primary service,
of every business universally,
is solving people's problems.

You may be saying, "I understand that. I help them get relief from pain, stress, and numerous other physical/emotional problems." You do help your clients with those problems as a massage therapist. But, as a business owner, you have the ability and enjoyment of solving so many more problems your clients have, beyond the results they get from your massage, even before you meet them. Solving these problems will make it far easier to get new clients, and to keep the ones you have.

What is great about using this Client Problem Solving Marketing method, is that the massage marketing, all by itself, can solve many of your client's problems. Learning how to do this will immediately jump you ahead of the crowd.

To understand this, start by letting go of the idea that massage marketing is about selling yourself, and that marketing is just about advertising.

Let's create a more empowering description of massage marketing that feels more natural and is a better fit (than using Selling Yourself Marketing) for your business. Think of marketing as any way that you solve a problem for a client. And strive for all of your massage marketing to be a valuable service to your clients.

Start simple to get the idea. For example: in my business, one of the best ways that I got new clients was by answering the phone. Yep, just answering the phone can be great massage marketing. How did this work?

Imagine my client looking up massage in the yellow pages and starting to call for an appointment. The first person did not answer, nor have an answering machine. The second had an answering machine, but it was not clear how to get an appointment. After calling one more with similar results she is getting a little upset and frustrated.

Next, she called me. I answered the phone. I professionally addressed her concerns and questions and offered her an appointment that day. She now feels relief, happiness and confidence, because she got a real person who listened and she is done searching. She feels she made a good choice and that my business is a good fit for her.

You see, I solved her problems. What were her first problems? Getting someone on the phone to listen to her, getting the service she needs, and feeling good about her choice. So even answering the phone can be very good marketing. I realized how true this was one day when I called 95 therapists in my area (during normal business hours), and was only able to talk with 6 people.

Back to my client; do you know what would have been even better? Think about what she did before she called. She opened her yellow pages and saw this:

What is her problem now? She is thinking, "Who do I call? There are so many. It is overwhelming."

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