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Massage logos are important. Your logo graphically represents your unique business direction. It helps sets the tone - the emotion - of your business.

It provides immediate identification, because a visual image is quicker to recognize than words alone. It will be used on your business cards, letterheads, postcards, gift certificates, and business signs.

Keep a couple of things in mind when selecting and designing massage logos. First, most people do not really look carefully at your logo. For that reason keep it very simple graphically. A logo is not meant to convey a complex meaning. A logo must give a sense of professionalism. Don't get cute. Entertainment is rarely a correct direction to go. Second, keep in mind that massage logos will sometimes be very small, like on your business cards (sometimes even smaller), and sometimes very big, on the side of a building. There are actually quite a few things in which your logo could appear, such as coffee mugs, stress balls, pens, etc. It will likely be used on a web site as well. So if it is very complex, the details won't show up when it is small. And if it is very complex, it will cost you more to have a large sign created with it.

Select colors that support your business image and work very well in a black and white format. If your logo only looks discernable in color you will be forced to pay for advertising in color, in the yellow pages, the newspapers, and on your business cards. Or you may be forced to leave your logo out. So make sure your logo looks good in color and gray scale.

Massage logos can be created in two different ways. Your logo can be a separate image that is not graphically connected to your business name. Or your business name and logo can be integrated into one image.

If your business name is your personal name, a separate logo is probably best. It looks more professional. But it can still be integrated a little bit.

But if you have a business name that is not your personal name, like Gentle Touch, or Healing Hands, then it may look more professional to have it all integrated. But remember, this has to work in a big and small format. And sometimes on a street sign, you need some really big words so that people driving by can see it quickly. So consider this when you integrate graphics and words.

The words must be incredibly easy to read! The words can be in an interesting font or design, but it is ten times harder to read something you have not seen before, as it is when you know what it is. Many times I have not been able to read a name that the owner sees clearly. So make the words super easy to read. Always show your test samples to people who don't know what it says before they see it. Remember once again that the size will be very small and possible very big. Serif fonts are 5 times as legible as sans-serif.

The feel of massage logos is important. Consider what the primary focus of your business is. Do you plan for it to be primarily a relaxation focus, a medical massage focus, or focus on serving businesses? An appropriate feel will help convey a lot about your business to a prospective client. Base it on your primary target market.

Remember, just like with the benefits statements, you must think like your client, not yourself.

This is why I suggest people avoid massage logos with hands as the image. Massage therapists think about healing hands, but clients don't. And it is pretty cliche'. Everybody has massage hands for a logo. That will not help you stand out. Plus, it is difficult to make a pair of free floating hands look good graphically. Five out of six times I have seen massage logos with hands, I can't at first figure out what they are supposed to be.

The next most common image that I suggest you avoid is the Vitruvian Man made famous by Leonardo Da Vinci. I have seen so many versions of this that I don't see how it can be made unique for you. The concept behind the image is interesting, but few people really know the story. Plus you want to avoid intellectual images.

So what else works?

If your primary clients will be medical massage, then a medical looking logo would probably be best. If you get most of your business from doctor referrals, then it is best to look professional in a medical field sort of way.

If you focus on relaxation work, then a soothing, spa like image may be correct.

But try to avoid images that require thought. It should not be conceptual, but visual. Think feeling, not thought.

You could design your own logo yourself if you have excellent design skills and software. But it is one of the first impressions you will make on a client, and home made logos are generally not impressive. And you want to stand out from the crowd.

So get it designed by a pro. Fortunately since you are already Internet savvy you can save a lot of money on a professional massage logos design. There are many design houses on the internet. One that will design a logo for $149, is

Another unique option is On their site you create a design contest, and dozens of designers from around the world submit design concepts. You only pay for the logo you like the best.

You can also have a local designer who you like do it. But you will likely be charged by the hour, which can get kind of expensive. Maybe you can barter for your logo? Whoever you use, make sure they are really efficient and good. You don't want to end up waiting weeks and weeks for your logo to get done.

The key to getting good results with massage logos from any designer is to first get very clear about what you want. What business feeling do you want? And if you have specific design ideas, get really clear about them ahead of time. If you can put together examples of the feel you are looking for, all the better.

Give your designer as much input as you can, and you are more likely to get something that you like from the beginning. If you know you don't want hands, tell them. If you want your name to be mostly by itself, with just a little bit of relationship to the logo image, tell them.

Now that we know more about massage logos, it is time to create some business cards that are powerful marketing tools - Your Massage Business Cards

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