Where to Find Massage Clip Art & How to Use It

Massage clip art can enhance your massage marketing on your web site, e-mails, e-newsletters, and your other advertising.

On this page find out where to get massage clip art, and how to use it in your marketing.

Are you wondering what clip art is? What makes it different from pictures or other images? Well, clip art is typically a piece of art created by a graphic artist. Clip art is generally not photography.

Massage clip art is often not very high resolution. That means that it would probably look great on your web site or in an e-mail, but it will often not look very good printed. Often with clip art you cannot make the art piece any bigger without degrading its appearance, even on the web. Although, some companies give you the option of choosing higher resolution clip art suitable for print.

The difference between clip art and let's say your company logo graphics is that your logo can be blown up big, for example into a sign on the side of your building, and it will look great. That is one reason why a logo costs so much more than clip art.

Massage clip art is often cartoony looking, and not very professional looking. This can be OK if you are using it in light communication to your client. However, don't use unprofessional looking massage clip art as the primary graphics for your web site or business cards. Free massage clip art might be - well - free, and so is enticing for that reason. But be careful that you don't degrade your professional image.

There are not that many free resources available for massage clip art. But here are a couple.

Free Massage Clip Art (Or Almost Free)

There are a good number of massage pictures and graphics available for free here.

There are some OK massage clip art pieces on this site that you can use for free.

On the Microsoft Office site you can search for massage in their health care section under Clip Art and Media.
Microsoft Office Clip Art

Massage Therapy Clip Art (Not-So-Free)

This is the granddaddy of clip art sites. This is a subscription site. But for as little as $14.95 you can get a one week subscription and download every massage clip art piece you will ever need.

You will also find that many of the sites you use to find stock massage pictures will also show results for clip art. Go to my massage pictures page to check out a list of those sites.

I hope this page has saved you lots of time searching around!

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