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Massage Business Marketing Ideas

This is where you can find more massage business marketing ideas pages that I have written.

If you have not yet read the main pages, you might want to do so first to get a good background in the primary skills and methods that are needed for success, as well as to get a sense of my marketing approach.

Most of these ideas fit under the category of Massage Marketing Muscles.

In addition to these pages if you are looking for more information you may enjoy to read all of the back issue of our New Tips Newsletter.

And if you have any questions or subjects that I have not yet talked about feel free to contact me and request that I do provide some information on those subjects.

Massage Post Cards
Learn how to use cost efficient massage post cards to stay in touch with your current clients, make special offers and create direct mail pieces to get new clients.

Massage Therapy Business Name Ideas
Your business name can make a big difference in your success.

Massage Yellow Pages Ad
How you create your massage yellow pages ad makes all the difference. This page offers some tips to help create a great ad.

Massage Newspaper Ads
Newspaper ads are not the best, but if you are going to use them make your ad as profitable as possible.

Turn Massage Leads into Massage Appointments
Your marketing results are very dependent on your ability to convert massage leads into massage clients.

Massage Website Interview & Review
Read an interview with a therapist who made her own massage website that is one of the best I have seen. Very valuable insights for improving any massage website.

Massage Directories List - Submit to Them or Not?
This page gives you a big list of massage directories that might bring you new clients. I help you understand if submitting is a good idea and which ones are better.

The Massage Coupons & Discounts Debate
Take a look at the positives and negatives of using massage coupons and discounts to build your practice. Learn how to build value instead of reducing value.

The Natural Way to Receive Massage Payment
Having difficulty receiving payment and fully valuing yourself is a very common issue. But my theory is that removing the focus from your "Self" may be the real solution.

Marketing Tips For Male Massage Therapists
Male therapists face a few more challenges, but you can turn them into advantages with these massage marketing tips for male therapists.

Brilliant Email Marketing Methods
Learn how a powerful email marketing method was created using Client Problem Solving Methods. A great massage business marketing idea.

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